Top Health Tech Startups Earning Larger Funds In 2020!

Top Health Tech Startups Earning Larger Funds In 2020!

Startups are the primary way that assists people in getting started with your business. The modern era is all about the innovation and fresh ideas that make living easier for humankind.

In the COVID-19 outbreak, people have been struggling with different mental issues. Hence, it has provided greater opportunities to mental health startups in earning larger funds.

We are assisting with information regarding health tech startups making larger money, for comprehensions consider reading until the end.

Top health tech startups are earning larger funds!


Medicpac is a helpful way of managing a patient’s intake process along with their medical records based on cloud-based software.

Medical professionals make use of time and digitalize medical records, along with improving care quality with the active use of cloud-based management.

The company aims to develop efficiency into the patient’s behavior and customize service with advanced application and management systems.


It is a UK based health startups that assist with technology for aged people with their needs and empowering their piece of mind.

They focus on safeguarding their independence with the help of artificial intelligence, loT, and blockchain for forming a system, and hence it is proactive and non-intrusive for prevention situations.

The company makes their patient feel more comfortable and safer in their homes in stressful situations.

Purple gaze

Russia settled the startup purple gaze that is in an early-stage company that involves eye-tracking solutions. Health tech startups are considerable, and this is one of them but doesn’t provide many details regarding it.

Therefore, these are health-tech companies 2020 that are earning higher funds in the pandemic period by assisting them in earning larger funds.


Multiple other health tech startups are assisting people struggling with their mental health by therapies and medications.

Advanced technology is involved in the procedure practiced by these companies. They have successfully managed to deal with multiple issues like addiction, self-harm, and unmanageable manic episodes. The counting of mental health tech startups continues.

The final verdict

From the details stated above, it is appropriate to understand the aspect of considering the health-tech startups making money in 2020.

Additionally, there is explosive growth in mental health startup funding in contrast with previous years. Different opportunities, as well as challenges, have been experienced by the mental health tech startups caused due to COVID-19 outbreak.