Pros and Cons of After Effects for animation

Pros and Cons of After Effects for animation

Adobe After Effects is a motion graphics, digital visual effects and composting application from the Adobe Systems. This application is used in so many post-production processes of film making, TV production and video games. Many people worldwide use this application for keying, compositing, tracking and animation projects.Once you have decided to successfully deal with the animation, video editing and vfx, you can prefer and use the professional software Adobe After Effects. You will get remarkable benefits and be encouraged to use and recommend this software again.

The following details explaining the pros and cons of After Effects for animation give you an overview about how to properly use this software for motion graphics.


The fast animation is one of the most important benefits for every user of the After Effects software from the Adobe Systems. An easy way for copying and repurposing the template files gives an array of advantages for users worldwide.

New and regular users of this software are happy because the user-friendly interface and reliable renders. They use this software to handle the two-dimensional animation on over 60 frames per second. This software is easy to work with the character animation and designed to add so many plugins.

The strong interface of this software supports users to excel in their project in the 2D animation related work.  Once you have decided to create amazing vfx scenes in the professional way, you can prefer and use this software.

This is because you can integrate after effects with different products for creating the appropriate visual effects. Experts in the video editing sector use and recommend the After Effects as they do professional video editing together with object tracking and motion graphic in this tool.

You can use this tool and track any object to insert animations as per your wishes. You will be happy every time you create transition effects with this tool better than in Premiere. As a beginner to the Adobe After Effects, you may think about whether this software set up process is difficult or not. An easy way to setup this tool on your system and get started saves your time and enhances your eagerness level to use its features.


Everyone must be aware of cons of the Adobe After Effects when they wish to properly use After Effects to create animation in the best possible ways. Some disadvantages of this application are difficult workflow, maximum processing power required for plugins, best use RAM memory, problematic timeline interface sometimes, not suitable for 3D projects.